Spiritual Articles

The Significance of the Resurrection
Hadn’t the Resurrection Taken Place
The Journey from Jerusalem to Golgotha
Beginning the Nativity Fast: More than a Diet
The Miraculous Journey of the Divine Incarnation
The Scared Bride
Seek Faith
You Yourself Be Good News
The Contrite Prayer
Do Not Resist Evil
Wheat and Tares
Practising Ceaseless Prayers
Your Relationship With the Holy Bible
I Want…
The Basic Virtues
Love Your Enemies
Spiritual Weakness
For She Loved Much
How long, O Lord? Will You forget me?
The Virtues of the Virgin Mary
Homily 56 on the Man Born Blind
A Commentary on the Paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda
Veneration of the Cross
Contemplations on the Story of the Samaritan Woman
Five Ways of Repentance
The Nurse of Hope: Patience in Tribulations
Why God Permits Temptations
The Work of the Holy Spirit in Your Life
The Love of Family
The Life of Praise and Psalmody
The Gift of Giving
The Exercise of the Arrow Prayer
The Book of Exodus: Our Journey to Canaan
On the Different Methods of the Devil’s Warfare: The First Method
Let Us Take Care of Each Other
Let Us Obey the Trumpet of God
How to Conduct Ourselves at Feasts
On Unceasing Prayer
God in Your Prayers and in Your Spiritual Life
A Prayer
The Spirit of Service
Growth in Ministry
God’s Children Are Strong
Forget What is Behind
Fasting and Repentance
Envy of the Devil
“Do not worry about tomorrow” (Matthew 6:34)
Do Not Postpone
Do Not Despair
Characters of the Holy Bible
Christian Unity
Benefits and Importance of Fasting
Blessed Are the Meek
Blessing and Affliction
God is Holy Therefore Be Holy
A Way That Seems Right is a Hindrance to Virtue
A Covenant Between God And Man
Types [of Personalities That God Used]
He Loved Them to the End (Jn 13:1)
Holy Mighty, God Almighty
Levels in the Spiritual Life
Christian Spirituality in a Changing World
Everything for your Spirituality
Perfection and Feasibility
View of Optimism
The Power of Resurrection
The Importance of Spiritual Reading
I am the Way
On Fasting
On Seclusion
It is Finished
Contemplation on the Pascha Hymn “Thine is the Power”
Jonah: When All Things Work Together for Good
The Great Star and the Magi
The New Year Prayer
Communal Worship and Fasting
Beware of False Humility
The Spiritual Meaning of the Cross
The Son’s Humility
Who Is the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit in the Church of the Apostles
His Benefits
Emmanuel: God with Us
The Narrow Gate
How to Comfort Others
God’s Humility
How to Deal with People
Humility among the Virtues
Always Remember…
The Idealism and Spirituality of the Agpeya
Step by Step: Gradual Spiritual Growth
Atheism and Science
Monasticism in Egypt
Commentary on the Gospel of Our Lord According to St. John
What is Love?
On Intercessions
The Sacrament of Baptism
The Life of Discipleship
Holy Days and Holy Times
Do Not Fear Satan
How to Benefit Spiritually from the Holy Pascha Week
Christian Life is a Cross
The 7 Ups