19 True Peace and Perfect Comfort

19 True Peace and Perfect Comfort

True peace finds its place in a clear conscious and tranquil heart.
Be steadfast in God and you will acquire this peace.

Leave behind what you lost and caused your sorrow, and do not let your heart cling to what caused it to suffer lest it stray.

Put your trust in God alone. Do not engage yourself or be concerned with things that are not yours.

Stay out of dispute, contentions, envy and all that can cause you to lose peace.

Get rid of the bad habits. Let your conscious be pure, your intentions clear, and desires holy.  Do not fault anyone, suppress your lusts, control your pain, oppose your senses and you will find rest and peace.  Peace is in controlling your desires and do not give in to it, neither by obeying it nor by following it.

Make haste to God, give Him your heart, and let your will be submissive to Him, love Him to gain His peace and joy; be meek, calm and love to reconcile to become a son of peace.
Sanctify your soul from every blemish, and uproot from your heart every evil to gain the perfect peace of God.

Despise all what’s in the world of evil lusts and do not let your heart be attached to anything in it, for if you do not despise its charm and temptations and seek God alone, you will not have peace the rest of your life.