18 Seeking Peace and Comfort in God Alone

18 Seeking Peace and Comfort in God Alone

If one seeks peace and comfort in the world, one will not receive except anxiety and disorder, for the characteristics of the world are fluxes and constantly changing. As for the true peace, you derive it from God Who has no “variation or shadow of turning” (James 1:17).
If one clings to the world and concentrates all his trust and happiness in it, he will never receive peace, but will be turbulent for the rest of his life. On the other hand, if you gave your love and peace to God, no one can uproot your peace or cause any grimness to your comfort; neither discomfort, nor pain, nor suffering, nor injustice. Nothing can cause gloominess in your life, or embitter it, but in all this peace will be your companion and comfort and rest will endure.

The concerns of this world are changeable, of course, so do not let your peace be pending on changeable matters were you will not find peace at all, for you will not find your peace in earthly goods, or riches, or strength, or health, or honor, or anything else in the world, but you will only find it in God alone.

The earthly matters will not rouse your yearning, or satisfy your soul, for it is not the true nourishment, otherwise tell me how gathering money cannot satisfy the greedy? Isn’t because money does not feed the soul?

You are in the world, do not ask what’s of the world, but seek the eternal food from heaven, for that will satisfy your soul.

If you request joy, peace and comfort from the pleasures of the world, you will mourn at the end and feel sorry.

If you think that your happiness is in this lust or that, you are running after a mirage, illusion or deceit. If your fantasy of happiness is in the matters that concur your vagary, know this, that you derailed off the right track, for what you love and causes you to rejoice today, you will reject tomorrow, to the extent you might even hate to see it!

At first, the Israelites were very happy with the manna (cf. Exodus16:31; Numbers11:7) and used to pick it up with eagerness, and after a while they grumbled against Moses asking for the onions and garlic of Egypt-the land of slavery!

You will never rejoice as long as you are awaiting something from the world, and anticipate vain matters, but if you put your joy and peace in God it will last without aging, changing or reversing. As long as man is away from God, he will be disturbed and hesitant in his thoughts, and will not be granted the true peace. Therefore, draw near to God, O my soul, to achieve and acquire your peace and happiness.

O, my Lord: I am disturbed as long as I am away from you, please come close and attract me to You. I long for you and enjoy Your peace which surpasses all mind.

I am tired and unhappy in my exile, please give me coolness and have mercy on me. Draw me near to Your peace in the land of my sojourning, in this valley of weariness.

O, my soul, do not be attentive to the matters of this world which are changeable and will vanish, lest you derail from the path of peace. Focus your desires, eagerness and all your interest on God alone, and you will receive peace, tranquility, and calmness, which will not be affected by any dinginess, sorrow or pain.

Be aware that nothing in the world satisfies your desire, fills it, or enchants you with joy but God alone. Do not wander and roam in places which have nothing but mirages, and do not expect good or seek joy away from God, Who alone enrich you and satisfy you in all things.