Five Ways of Repentance

Five Ways of Repentance

Let me describe to you five ways of repentance; each is different, but all point toward heaven.

(1) Acknowledgement of Sins

The first road is the acknowledgment of sins.  If you acknowledge your sins to God, He will forgive you; and this act of acknowledgment will help you stop sinning.  Let your conscience be your accuser, so that you will not have to face a far different accuser at the Lord’s tribunal.

(2) Forgetting the Wrongs of Others

The second road of repentance is the forgetting of the wrongs of others.  This requires you to control your temper and to forgive the sins that others have committed against you.  If you forgive others, the Lord will forgive you.

(3) Prayer

The third road is prayer: not perfunctory routine prayer, but fervent, passionate prayer in which you lay yourself wholly before God.

(4) Generosity

The fourth road is generosity, in which by acts of thoughtful love you make amends for the sins you have committed.

(5) Humility

And the fifth road is humility, whereby you regard yourself as having no virtue, but only sins to offer to God; He will then take the burden of sin from your back.

At times it will be right to travel on one of these roads, at other times to travel on another.  But ensure that every day you walk along at least one of them.