03 The Charm of Christ’s Love

03 The Charm of Christ’s Love

Blessed is he who realizes the love of Christ, and happy is he who tastes His sweetness.
O taste and see that the Lord is good; happy are those who take refuge in him” (Psalm 34:8).

The love of the world is all delusion and stratagem, but the love of Jesus is steadfast, true, honest, calm, firm, and the same forever.
The world and all that is in it shall pass away, but Jesus is eternal, immortal, and does not change.  He alone deserves all our love, above all creation and every creature.
Love Jesus more than anything: more than the creation, more than any charm, beyond all hopes, above all the emotions. Love Him as He loves you.  Be persistent in your love for Him, without ceasing.

Blessed is the one who reaches the depths of this love, and woe to the one who prefers something, no matter what it may be, above Jesus’ love.

If the love of God is poured in one’s heart, he becomes happy and acquires everything.
If one loves Jesus, he becomes one with Him. The Heaven becomes his own heaven, the Kingdom becomes his own kingdom, and he reigns with Him forever.

O, holy and attractive love of Jesus: may your fire aflame in my heart, your arrows strike me and permeate my inner parts; for my death in you is better than my life without you.
All happiness is preoccupied totally in the sea of His love: so melt and dissolve, O my soul, and swim, O my heart, in the waters of this pure and clear love.

O, what a holy fire – a fire of love, which is unexplainable.

O, what a charm that cannot be uttered.
God’s love is a holy fire: burning, but refreshing, solvent and palatable to the spirit. It burns and dissolves evil, but purifies, cleanses and elevates the heart to the greatest heights.

O, pure love, come and dwell in me, rest in my heart, and let my heart find rest in you.  Allow me to enter your pasture; enlighten me, shine upon me, raise me to the greatest heights, quench my thirst, and fulfill my desires with coolness, for I long for you.
Control me by your hands, and guide me towards you, for I desire to reach you.

I was hit with one of your spears, and I will not be cured; nor will my heart calm down, or put off the flaming fire within me, till all your spears permeate within me.

O, queen of all virtues and ruler of hearts: you hold justice and happiness in your right, reign over my mind, heart, emotions and feelings.
Seize all that is within me, and change all my feelings towards you.

I give you all of me to be in you, so that I feel you alone being above all and in all.