Coptic Olympics 2013

Coptic Olympics 2013

group photo with the Junior Champions trophy

group photo with the Champions trophy

Once again it was another blessed occassion for everyone to come from across the Diocese in unity. The organising committee introduced some new rules this year, one of them was that every fixture started with the official bringing both teams in to pray together. 

Although it was forecast to rain all day, the grace of God held the rain for us for nearly the entire day with only two events being postponed for safety reasons. 

The Overall Coptic Olympics Trophy returned this year to Birmingham with the Junior Trophy also going to the Birmingham Juniors for the first time.

Special thank you to the Coptic Olympics Commitee for organising the day, the match officials, ushers and everyone who got involved in the sports or fundraising! 

Church Points Score Position


23 (+3)


Llandudno 16 3rd
Manchester 19 2nd
Nottingham 11 4th
Church Points Score Position


Manchester 39 2nd
Nottingham 22 3rd






See for more information on how points are awarded.

The winners for each event are as follows:

Junior Football: Manchester
Women’s Football: Birmingham
Men’s Football: Rotherham

Junior Basketball: Manchester
Women’s Basketball: Birmingham
Men’s Basketball: N/A

Junior Volleyball: N/A
Women’s Volleyball: Birmingham
Men’s Volleyball: Birmingham

Junior Tennis: Manchester
Women’s Tennis: Manchester
Men’s Tennis: N/A

Junior Table Tennis: N/A
Women’s Table Tennis: Birmingham
Men’s Table Tennis: N/A

Backgammon: Birmingham
Senior Chess: Nottingham
Junior Chess: Manchester
Darts: N/A

Overall Junior Swimming: Birmingham
Junior Squash (Under 11): Llandudno
Junior Squash (Over 11) : Birmingham