“And immediately he received his sight, and followed him, glorifying God” Luke 18:43 . . . When then he had declared the nature of his request, saying, “Lord, that I may receive my sight” then, yes! then the words that Christ spoke were a rebuke of the unbelief of the Jews: for with supreme authority He said, “Receive your sight.” Wonderful is the expression! Right worthy of God, and transcending the bounds of human nature! Which of the holy prophets ever spoke ought such as this? Or used words of so great authority? For observe that He did not ask of another the power to restore vision to him who was deprived of sight, nor did He perform the divine miracle as the effect of prayer to God, but attributed it rather to His own power, and by His almighty will wrought whatever He would. “Receive, said He, your sight” and the word was light to him that was blind, for it was the word of Him Who is the true light. . And now that he was delivered from his blindness, did he neglect the duty of loving Christ? Certainly not, “For he followed Him, it says, offering Him glory as to God.” He was set free therefore from double blindness: for not only did he escape from the blindness of the body, but also as well from that of the mind and heart for he would not have glorified Him as God, had he not possessed spiritual vision. And further, he became the means of others also giving Him glory, for all the people, it says, gave glory to God. – St Cyril