Why are pre marital relationships unacceptable? Won’t they assist in helping to choose future partners?

Why are pre marital relationships unacceptable? Won’t they assist in helping to choose future partners?

His Grace Bishop Moussa:

The definition of ‘pre-marital’ differs. Pre-marital sex differs from pre-marital group friendships, in a pure Christian atmosphere. Have as many male and female friends inside the church in a holy, pure way, and through this type of relationship, and through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the guidance of your confession father, you will correctly select your partner.

However, in society, people commit many sins through having premarital sexual relations. To follow in this path leads to many grave sins :

1. you are going to change your partner many times, because after a while you will feel monotonous with the same partner, and statistics show that in the USA, the average teenager changes their partner twelve times. Hence, it becomes impossible to choose the correct partner.

2. you will consider marriage to be a body to body relationship, and this is not marriage at all but adultery. Marriage is person to person relationship, and it encompasses the whole being of the person; intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and psychologically. In considering marriage to be body to body relationship, you will enter marriage through the wrong door of senses and lust. For sure, sex is not everything in marriage, it is only one component.

3. by committing premarital sex frequently and changing partners often, you will become addicted to sex. People who are sex addicts commit adultery before as well as after marriage, because they can’t keep holy. And you see many people now in society with sexual disorders, and the divorce rate is increasing all the time. These problems result from them being sex addicts during their teenage years.

4. And the final thing is that sex addiction leads to drug addiction, and this is a scientific fact, for too much sex creates tension in the nervous system, and so this addiction can result in the need to take drugs. And the result of drug addiction is crime.

My dear friends, pre-marital sex is not the correct way to choose your partner in life. If you want the right way of choosing your partner, come to the church and have good, holy relationships with those inside of the church, and participate in church activities. Through group relationships, and prayer, and spiritual guidance, you will be able to select your future partner in a correct way.

It is also important to bear in mind that the teen years are considered the stage of ‘general heterosexuality’, whereby teenagers look towards the opposite sex generally. Therefore it is impossible to choose a partner during this time. But the 20’s are considered the stage of ‘selective heterosexuality’, and it is during this period that one is able to concentrate on choosing their partner.

Abide inside the church, have as many girlfriends and boyfriends in a group atmosphere, and grow in a way that is not only physically, intellectually and spiritually, but also psychologically, in order to choose the correct partner when you are in the stage of selective heterosexuality.
Please abide by these three mottos : group relationships, holy relationships, limited relationships (‘limited’ meaning being aware of your boundaries and not crossing them).