What do you think of hymns being set to popular tunes?

What do you think of hymns being set to popular tunes?

Those who set the words of hymns to popular tunes are only concerning themselves with the abstract idea of setting words to music, while ignoring the effect of the music on the soul.

Music can plant certain feelings in the soul. A piece of instrumental music, i.e. one without words, is able to make a person feel happy or sad. It can stimulate or excite him, or arouse some desire in him. We ought not to forget the powerful effect that music can have on the soul.

A hymn is a spiritual song and its music should be spiritual and its melody sacred.

It is not right for us to mix it with some other tune which might arouse different feelings apart from the holy and spiritual ones which the hymn is intended to arouse. 

It is also likely that the singer will be reminded of the popular song and its words, and his mind or heart will wander or get mixed up with his emotions. We must remember, brothers and sisters, the words of the apostle: ” For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? ” (2 Cor. 6:14).