“All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.” John 6:37 . “Do not lose heart, O soul, do not grieve; pronounce not over thyself a final judgment for the multitude of thy sins; do not commit thyself to fire; do not say: The Lord has cast me from His face.Such words are not pleasing to God. Can it be that he who has fallen cannot get up? Can it be that he who has turned away cannot turn back again? Dost thou not hear how kind the Father is to a prodigal? Do not be ashamed to turn back and say boldly: I will arise and go to my Father. Arise and go!He will accept thee and will not reproach thee, but rather rejoice at thy return.He awaits thee; just do not be ashamed and do not hide from the face of God as did Adam.It was for thy sake that Christ was crucified; so will He cast thee aside? He knows who oppresses us. He knows that we have no other help but Him alone.Christ knows that man is miserable. Do not give thyself up to despair and apathy, assuming that thou has been prepared for the fire. Christ derives no consolation from thrusting us into the fire. He gains nothing if He sends us into the abyss to be tormented.Imitate the prodigal son: leave the city that starves thee. Come and beseech Him and thou shalt behold the glory of God. Thy face shall be enlightened, and thou wilt rejoice in the sweetness of paradise. Glory to the Lord and Lover of mankind Who saves us!” – St. Ephraim the Syrian