Press Release Regarding the Bombimg

Press Release Regarding the Bombimg

The Pariarchate has issued the following statement:

One of our ancient churches, St. Peter’s church of Al Abbaseya in Cairo, suffered a cowardly and despicable terrorist attack on the morning of Sunday December 11, 2016. This led to the martyrdom and injury of many.

We regret this violence and terrorism which targeted peaceful congregants. We pray for those who were martyred as well as those who were injured. The Egyptian Church ensures preserving the national unity that brings together all Egyptians in the blessed land of Egypt.

We also pray for the attackers to return to their senses because they will meet their just divine judge before Whom all is exposed. May we be all comforted.

Kiahk 2, 1733 A.M.
December 11, 2016 A.D.