Apologetics Conference 2015: The Problem of Suffering

Apologetics Conference 2015: The Problem of Suffering

Our diocese’s second Apologetics seminar was held at St. Mary and Archangel Michael in Solihull on the 28th of March 2015. The theme of this seminar was “Pain and Suffering” in preparation for our Lord’s Holy Passion Week that is celebrated 4-12 of April.

The seminar started off with an introductory talk about how an Almighty and All-loving and Good God could allow for so much suffering and evil in the world. The next talk discussed in more detail what came to be known as the “Impossible Trinity” (Inconsistent Triad) and how Christ’s Passion has given a new vision and meaning to the suffering of man. 

We were also blessed to have a comprehensive talk from our beloved Fr. Peter Farrington, who also answered many questions on this topic. The final talk focused more on the hidden blessings and treasures that we could gain from enduring pain. 

We all have learned so much from these wonderful talks and discussions, and it was a great opportunity to get some satisfying answers on so many questions that we are asked outside the church or that we ask ourselves so very often. 

The talks are all available for you to watch and listen to