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The Significance of the Resurrection

Death is an alien and a stranger to humanity. When God created man, He formed him for life; He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being. God wished him life and perpetuity, but man’s choice was inclined towards sin. Man thus brought death upon himself as a result …

Hadn’t the Resurrection Taken Place

Hadn’t the Resurrection taken place, humanity’s destiny would have been to perish. And humanity would have been like the animals which die and perish entirely, never coming back to existence. Hence we ask: what then is the feature which characterises this rational, articulate, human being, whom God has gifted with science, with a talent of …

The Power of Resurrection

The rising of Jesus Christ from the dead was the biggest event that shook the Jews, and they tried to fight it in all ways, to the extent that they said about resurrection that this last deception will be stronger than the first deception which is Christ’s Preaching. So what was the power of resurrection …

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Fr. Daoud Lamei - 29th April 2021

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