"Understanding The Liturgy" Festival 2016

We were very blessed to serve alongside Peter, Monika, Maha and Edward (David Ensemble members) to explain the richness of our Coptic liturgy to our angels in primary school.

This was a unique experience for us and the kids. The retreat included diverse talks and lots of fun games and activities. The talks involved topics such as; the meaning of the liturgy, how to be prepared, church vestments, altar tools, church readings and many more.

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"Uniting With The Lord" Conference 2016

We were honoured to welcome to the Coptic Centre on Friday 21st October Eng. George Kyrillos, Maha, Edward, Peter and Monika for a conference on “Uniting With The Lord.” Now, one may be forgiven for questioning the link or relevance of hymnology to unity with God; however, if there is one thing that this team showed us, it was that they have everything to do with each other.

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Summer Family Conference 2016

lataghiso magdy isaac 2016The parenthood and children conference by Dr Magdy Issac was held over the weekend 8th -10th of July 2016 at Saint Mary & Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Centre in Birmingham. It was such a blessed and fruitful weekend, where many Coptic families came together from around the UK. Dr Magdy Issac is a prominent christian psychiatrist from Cairo, who specialises in conflict resolution particularly in the christian household.

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Couples for Christ 2016

CouplesforChrist16LitThe Couples for Christ conference saw several young couples and families from the Diocese get together in the beautiful and blessed church of St. Mary & St. Abaskhyroun, Llandudno, for what was to be an intriguing and exciting look into the psychology interactions within the family. Ever heard the phrase “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”? Well there’s some truth in that!

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Ordination & Celebrations in Manchester 3rd April 2016

With great joy, the Diocese announces the ordination of Dr. Rafat Saad to the rank of Deacon by the laying of hands of His Grace Bishop Missael; the elvation took place on Sunday 3rd April 2016 at the Church of St. Mary & St. Mina in Manchester.

His Grace also awarded the members of the St. Mary & St. Mina's CONAFA 2016 squad and officially crowned the team as champions, handing the winners the tournament trophy. 

We thank His Grace Bishop Missael and ask the Lord to keep him in widening and nurturing the diocese with the appointment of new servants and the continued growth of its ministries for many years to come. Congratulations to the Church of St. Mary & St. Mina.


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"The conscience that satisfies God humbly & completes the good workshis inner person will enlighten with grace as the sun when it shines." - St. Isaac the Syrian


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