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My Father Has Been Working Until Now

God is working continuously, in all times and all ages. When He rested on the seventh day, He moved from the work of creation to pastoral work. It was said about Him that He “shall neither slumber nor sleep.” (Ps 121:4) We should never give up hope, for God is always working for us. He …

Guide our Lives Toward Thy Commandments

We pray this as a supplication in the prayer of every hour of the Agpeya. It starts with “Have mercy on us, O God, and have mercy on us,” where we say “guide our way, guide our life toward Your commandments.” This statement holds a humbleness of heart: man admits his personal weakness and his …


Everyone needs friends; even adults cannot do without certain friends. Young people may learn lifelong lessons from friendships, grow in Christ through friends, get in trouble because of friends and become very close to friends. We need to understand the three types of friendships, what the Bible teaches about friendship, and the characteristics of true …

Intercession and Veneration of the Saints

To venerate means to publicly acknowledge someoneÌs virtues or good deeds. The person may be alive at the time, but mostly veneration is done after a person passes away. Veneration of the saints has very strong Biblical roots and is well steeped into Christian tradition.


The worthiness of each of us, whether of the Kingdom of Heaven, salvation, communion or even our worthiness of prayer and worthiness of service and priesthood, is a matter that needs to be examined. I will also talk about repentance as a condition for worthiness and about unworthiness as evidence of repentance.