Ordinations in Birmingham 22nd November 2015

With great joy, the Diocese announces three ordinations by the laying of hands by His Grace Bishop Missael which took place on Sunday 22nd November 2015 at the Coptic Centre.

Fr. John was ordained as a hegumen by His Grace Bishop Missael; Fr. John has served the Church of St. Mary & St. Abaskhyroun in North wales since his ordination in 2008. 

Dr. Mokhlis Mina was elevated to the rank of Archdeacon, being ordained on the Church of St. Mary & Archangel Michael in Solihull by His Grace.

His Grace also elevated Chanter Keith Bailey to the rank of Reader on the Church of St. Mary & St. Abu-Sefein in the Coptic Centre.

We thank His Grace Bishop Missael and ask the Lord to keep him in widening the diocese and the appointment of new servants. We pray that the Lord may bless the service of each one for many years to come.


Why Orthodoxy? Conference 2015

Written by Sarah Matar.

why orthodoxy15

On the weekend of the 2nd-4th October 2015, we gathered together in the Coptic Centre to discuss our Orthodox faith and common questions we are faced with regarding it. Many youth delivered talks based on H.H. Pope Shenouda's Comparative Theology, which were followed by Question & Answer sessions.

The talks were very enlightening and a number of topics were addressed such as baptism, the eucharist, fasting, our view on St Mary, the intercession of the saints and rituals. I learnt a lot from the talks and they confirmed my belief in the depth and richness of Orthodoxy, which has been preserved from the Early Church Fathers and from the Word of God. I'm grateful that God, by His grace, gave us these mysteries within our Church to  reach a greater intimacy with Him. I'm sure we all left understanding why we do what we do, that these practices within Orthodoxy that we addressed are not an end to themselves but are a means to live life with Him, in Him and through Him so we can journey to live heaven on earth. 

We hope that you join us next time :-)

The talks are all availble for you to watch and listen to

Shroud of Turin Trip 2015

Written by Kirollos Sourour.


Our diocese held a trip to Italy from the 19th to the 21st of June 2015. On the first day we were so blessed to have the opportunity to visit the Shroud of the Lord in Turin, before visiting our Coptic monastery in Milan with HG Bishop Kyrillos.

We spent the next day in Venice, where we enjoyed praying a beautiful Liturgy underneath the tomb of the founder of the Coptic Orthodox Church, our father St Mark. Later that day we visited the church of St Athanasius the Apostolic and St Marina the nun, and then the rest of the evening at the charming lake Como.

The last day was a beautiful tour in Milan City centre and some of us also went to the Milan Expo, which was our last stop before returning to the UK.

The trip was lovely and everybody had a nice time. We hope you all could be with us next time!!

Conference with H.G. Bishop Moussa 2015

bishop moussa 15We were blessed to have H.G. Bishop Moussa, of the Bishopric of Youth, for a conference in Birmingham from Friday 12th to Saturday 13th June 2015.

His Grace spoke to us on the Holy Spirit & His dwelling inside us on Friday night.

On Saturday, Their Graces Bishops Moussa and Bishop Missael celecrated the Divine Liturgy. After a short break, H.G. Bishop Moussa gave a talk on the life of discipleship. This was followed with an extensive Question & Answer session and the prayer of the Vespers Raising of Incense in the evening.

The talks are available to watch / listen to

Apologetics Conference 2015: The Problem of Suffering

Written by Mary Dawood.

Our diocese's second Apologetics seminar was held at St. Mary and Archangel Michael in Solihull on the 28th of March 2015. The theme of this seminar was "Pain and Suffering" in preparation for our Lord's Holy Passion Week that is celebrated 4-12 of April.

The seminar started off with an introductory talk about how an Almighty and All-loving and Good God could allow for so much suffering and evil in the world. The next talk discussed in more detail what came to be known as the "Impossible Trinity" (Inconsistent Triad) and how Christ's Passion has given a new vision and meaning to the suffering of man. 

We were also blessed to have a comprehensive talk from our beloved Fr. Peter Farrington, a priest of the British Orthodox Church, who also answered many questions on this topic. The final talk focused more on the hidden blessings and treasures that we could gain from enduring pain. 

We all have learned so much from these wonderful talks and discussions, and it was a great opportunity to get some satisfying answers on so many questions that we are asked outside the church or that we ask ourselves so very often. 

The talks are all availble for you to watch and listen to

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