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We hear in stories of the Wilderness Fathers that they may go without Holy Communion for a long time, even though our church says that 40 days without Holy Communion makes one spiritually dead. So what becomes of these father?

His Grace Bishop Moussa:
For these Desert Fathers, the rule would surely differ because they live in complete solitude for long periods of time. Some of these fathers may have a small church inside their cave and occasionally, other desert fathers gather together and celebrate the? Holy Mass. Yes, we must take the Holy Communion regularly so that we may abide in the Lord, however, these Wilderness Fathers are abiding constantly in the Lord, day and night, through prayer, praises, Bible reading, fasting, and contemplation. So this will definitely compensate them.

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"God's power is able to perform wonders with you but it awaits your faith." - H.H. Pope Shenouda III #coptic #orthodox #genuine #faith


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