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In the Holy Book of Numbers chapter 12, both Miriam and Aaron talked about Moses behind his back; but God punished Miriam only. Why did God not punish both of them?

  1. Miriam, but not Aaron was struck with leprosy, because Miriam was the first to transgress (Num 12:1) God differentiates between those that mislead and those who are misled.
  2. Had Aaron been struck with leprosy, the priesthood itself would have fallen into contempt. Aaron would have been suspended from his duties. This would have rendered him and his office lowly, and would have been a lasting blot upon his family.
  3. Aaron as a priest was to be the examiner and judge of the leprosy (Lev 13:49-14:3) surely seeing Miriam, leprous, was a sufficient degradation for him. He was struck through his side, and could not pronounce her leprosy without trembling, knowing himself to be equally guilty.

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